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        1. Organic Seabuckthorn Oral Liquid


          Detailed Product Description

          Seabuckthorn Oral Liquid

          Raw material: Organic seabuckthorn fruit, Malt, Hawthorn, Low fructosan and Xylitol.

          Ingredients: Vitamine C; Zinc

          Specification: 20ml/piece ; 12 pieces/box

          Dosage: 1piece each time, twice daily.     

          Valid period: 2 years

          Storage: Store in a cool and dry place avoiding light.

          Function: Promote children’s physical and psychological development.


          1.      Superior quality :

          The organic seabuckthorn berries used for this product are procured from Qingzang plateau which has a complex natural condition, special ecological environment, highly elevated land, cold weather, long sunshine time, big temperature gap between day and night. Due to this natural conditions, seabuckthorn synthesis more nutrients in the daytime but consumes less nutrients, thus most of the nutrients are accumulated within it’s body. Therefore, the content of active substances in the berry from Qingzang plateau is distinctively higher than from others. For an instance, the Vc in the organic seabuckthorn berry from Qingzang plateau is 2-3 times more than that from other areas.

          2.      Natural Vitamin:

          The bioactivity of natural vitamin is stronger than the synthesized vitamin. Natural vitamin is easy to be absorbed and utilized by human body. Natural vitamin is toxic free, and moreover the efficacy of natural vitamin is strikingly higher that that of simply synthesized vitamin.

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