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        1. Seabuckthorn & Licorice Oral Liquid


          Detailed Product Description

          Seabuckthorn & Licorice Oral Liquid

          Raw material: Seabuckthorn; Cassia seeds; Licorice

          Ingredients: Seabuckthorn general flavonoides

          Specification: 20ml per piece; 10 pieces per box;

          Dosage:   1 piece each time; 2-3 pieces daily;

          Take it after dinner and shake it evenly before taking

          Valid period: 2 years

          Storage: Store in a cool, dry place avoiding light.


          a)        Regulate blood lipid;

          b)        Prevent sensation of choking in chest,

          c)        Relieve breathe hard, headache, dizziness, weakness, insomnia, contispation, splash etc.


          1.        High level of flavonoides

          Xinzhian contains precious seabuckthorn general flavonoides, the efficacy of which is better than hawthorn flavone and ginkgo flavone, and have distinctive efficacy of preventing heart and brain vascular diseases. 1 gram of seabuckthorn general flavonoides is extracted from 1000kgs of seabuckthorn, the price of it is 100 times higher than the same quantity of gold.

          2.        Bidirectional regulation of blood lipid

          It broke the traditional way of treating blood lipid only by reducing it. Xin Zhi An regulate the blood lipid by effectively lower the cholesterol, triglyceride, low-densed lipoprotein(LDL), while at the same time, increase the high-densed lipoprotein(HDL).

          3.        Pure natural, contamination-free, no side-effects, safe and effective

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