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        1. Organic Seabuckthorn Juice


          Detailed Product Description

          Organic Seabuckthorn normal juice

          Organic Seabuckthorn is abundant in Vitamine C, the content of Vitamine C is richest among all the vegetables, fruits and plants, so it is crowned as “Miraculous king of berries”. Seabuckthorn normal juice contains 7 kinds of flavones such as isorhamnose, isorhamnose-3-β-D-glucoside, isorhamnose-3-β-rutinoside and quercetin etc.


          Organic Seabuckthorn normal juice is an ideal raw material for high-class food. It can be widely made into not only seabuckthorn beverages but also a series of food and seasonings.


          This product is aseptically packed and can remain fresh for a long period of time.

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